Site and waste management

Mullum Creek promotes the reduction of waste and discourages its disposal to landfill. All builder must be aware of best practice waste management systems to ensure that the development is not polluted with construction waste. Especially on sloping sites, silt management systems must be employed to minimise potential run off to neighbouring sites, roads and stormwater drains. Refer to the Site and Waste Management Guide on the Mullum Creek for more information.


  • Reduce the amount of construction waste that ends up as landfill.
  • Maximise the amount of construction material that can be reused or recycled.
  • Minimise contamination of homesites with construction material, including small items that are so difficult to remove from soil, like discarded fasteners and insulation foam shavings.
  • Minimise run-off, soil erosion and movement of silt.
Mullum Creek site and waste
management guide

Site and Waste Management Guide (21/12/16)

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