Home design

Published by the Australian Government, ‘YourHome’ is a comprehensive and high quality guide for environmentally sustainable housing design.  Below are links to this and other external resources that we believe will be particularly valuable for informing the process of designing a sustainable home.  Mullum Creek has and will continue to add to these resources, in particular with its own detailed design guides addressing particular topics worthy of special consideration both for this estate and more generally.

These guides and external references should be read in conjunction with Sections 4 and 6 of the Mullum Creek Design Guidelines.

Mullum Creek is urging:

  • A built environment that respects and complements the landscape and the natural features of the estate and its environs (landform, soils, water, flora and fauna).
  • Built form proportioned to respect the human scale.
  • Buildings that emphasise quality of design and craftsmanship over quantity and scale.
  • A sensibility of neighbourhood and community, with homes engaging socially with streetscapes and reserves.
  • Integration of indoor and outdoor spaces through complementary architectural and landscape design.
  • Design, construction techniques, materials and services guided by environmental and social responsibility.
  • Energy efficient dwellings that reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to or arising from their ongoing operation.
  • The protection of solar access for dwellings and their adjoining private open space.
  • Conservation of potable authority-supplied mains water.
  • A sensibility of neighbourhood and community, that has homes engaging socially with streetscapes and reserves.