April Newsletter

Mullum Creek News:

Landscape design has played a pivotal role at Mullum Creek, and with many homes now under construction or about to start construction, focus is starting to shift from the home to the garden. We are pleased to report that Australian Ecosystems won the The Natural Built Environment award for their work at Mullum Creek at the Landscaping Victoria Industry Awards in 2018.

Landscape Victoria Industry Award – Judge’s comments – “The project at Mullum Creek in Donvale is a fantastic exemplar of a natural built landscape. The hydrology and ecology of the site has been well-considered, with runoff from the development site treated by a constructed wetland before it enters the nearby Mullum creek. Indigenous plantings have extended the remnant vegetation into the landscape and wetland, from seed previously collected from the site. Furniture, fences and bollards were milled on-site from timber that was already on the property. Much thought has been put into making the Mullum Creek development a beautiful, sustainable landscape.

Whats New?

We have been really impressed by some of the construction materials being used at Mullum Creek and thought we would share one with you. Helix Steel Rebar is being used in concrete slabs at Mullum Creek in lieu of traditional steel mesh reinforcement. This product is made from recycled steel and reduces the amount of steel required.

Go to the Building Green section of the Mullum Creek website to find out about other sustainable building materials, or contact us if you are using a material you think your neighbours would like to know about.

Insulation Update

In early 2019 GECA revised its standards in line with global best practice and advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Because some insulation batts and blankets that were previously certified no longer meet GECA criteria (based on formaldehyde emissions amongst other markers), they can no longer carry their certification. Though some glasswool products are not completely without formaldehyde, they were classed as having low VOC emissions which previously qualified them (amongst other criteria) for GreenTag level B or GECA certification. But this is no longer the case.

Therefore we have revised the information in our heads-up for construction Glasswool insulation – batts and blankets to reflect these changes in address of Requirements R32 and R33 of the Mullum Creek Design Guidelines. We have also added Ecowool as another healthy option for wall and ceiling insulation.


Community News:

Here are some great events and activities that are happening this month:

Sustainable Macleod Vegie Swap – Saturday 20th April (11am-12pm)
All are welcome to come along, they are swapping, giving away fruit & vegetables and plant matter, you may be able to pick something up for your garden. Every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Melbourne Repair Cafe Monthly Repair Session – Sunday 12th May (10am-1pm)
Take any broken household item along and learn how to fix it. These repair sessions are held monthly. Every 2nd Sunday of the month.

Michael Mobbs’ Sustainable House – May 30th (11am-12pm)
Learn from Michael Mobb’s how he converted his 3 bedroom inner city house into an off-grid inner city house.