August Newsletter

Construction Update

Since recommencement of Stage 1 civil works there has been solid uninterrupted progress.

Internal sewer reticulation construction has now been completed. In addition to these internal sewer works, Mullum Creek has also recently agreed to facilitate the construction of two new sewer alignments. These new alignments are nearing completion and will take neighbouring properties off their septic systems, which benefits the Mullum community as a whole.

In conjunction with sewer construction, further earthworks including road boxing and lot levelling have been undertaken, as well as preliminary works for the commencement of stormwater drainage construction. Drainage works will begin in the next couple of days.

We anticipate that Stage 1 civil works will be completed by January 2016 with Stage 2 civil works expected to be finished by mid 2016.

House Designs

In our last edition we profiled the design in progress for lot 29, in this issue we are pleased to feature lot 42. The words and images come from the architect, Darren Evans of Solar Solutions. We wish think to thank both Darren and the owners of lot 42 for their consent in allowing Mullum Creek to include these images of this sustainable home.

This beautiful home was designed to embrace the natural elements existing on the site. The living areas are positioned to the north with the bedrooms to the south, steps were introduced to gently flow down the site enabling a better relationship with the outside.

The house facade has been broken up with stone, timber and render to give the home a lighter feel on the site.

The 4 bedroom home allows the winter sunlight into all the living areas, the sunlight warms the concrete slab providing a natural heat source for the home. The shading has been designed to block out all the summer sun and windows have been placed to ensure the summer cooling breezes can easily flow through the home.

Data Room

The Mullum Creek Data Room is a helpful resource providing additional files and information for the use of contractors and purchasers. To sign up please visit our home page or click here complete the registration form and you will receive your own account log in to access this handy resource.

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