Concrete and cement

The production of concrete, and in particular the manufacture of its cement based on Portland clinker, is responsible for some 8% of our anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions on this planet.  So where wetmix concrete is used in the construction of dwellings at Mullum Creek, supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) must be specified. Concrete mixes incorporating SCMs are similar in price and use a reduced amount of Portland clinker when compared with standard concrete mixes. SCMs include industrial waste products such as fly ash and slag. Refer to the Mullum Creek Concrete and Cement Products Guide below for more information, including a list of recommended products and suppliers.


  • Where possible, design your home to minimise the need for concrete, especially structural concrete requiring substantial steel reinforcement.
  • Encourage the use of concrete with recycled waste content in both cement and aggregate, to lower its embodied energy and reduce demand on our earth’s finite resources.