Mullum Creek Design Review Committee

The DRC has been established for the purposes of:

  • Reviewing and approving each homeowner’s proposed building and landscape designs, as satisfying the objectives and requirements of the Mullum Creek Design Guidelines.
  • Providing design support with a particular emphasis on environmentally sensitive design.
  • Assisting homeowners and designers to navigate each stage of the design development process.

The DRC reviews designs submitted under Mullum Creek incentive, preliminary schematic building designs, developed schematic building designs, pre-construction documentation and developed landscape designs. During this review process, the DRC supports Mullum Creek lot owners and their designers with advice geared to optimising the environmental performance of new homes for the estate. It does this through face-to-face contact, phonecalls and emails, and by providing detailed infosheets. This oversight by the DRC will encourage consistency and coherence in the form, visual character and environmental performance of both constructed dwellings and landscapes throughout the estate

For a step-by-step description of the Mullum Creek design approval process, click hereor see Section 2 of the Mullum Creek Design Guidelines.

You can contact the DRC at

or call us on 03 9013 0449