February Newsletter


Construction Update
February marked a significant milestone with the completion of the base layer asphalt. This effectively seals the road base and protects it from damage, whether that be from machinery, weather or otherwise. The final (wearing) layer of asphalt will be among the final items completed, to ensure that any potential damages during the construction process does not occur and that the road is in immaculate condition when it is time to handover to Council.

Footpath and driveway construction has made steady progress and is due for completion in the middle of March.

Electrical and communication reticulation completion was another important milestone that was reached during February with testing and authority sign-off soon to be achieved.

Wetland construction, the final construction item to be complete has also commenced. While what is currently there can probably be described as a ‘big hole in the ground’, this earthworks process is the most time intensive task of the wetland construction.

Richard Stokes,
Verve Projects – Project Manager
DRC News
Just to remind you, make sure you are using the most recently uploaded Design Checklists on the Mullum Creek website (Data Room / Checklists and Application Forms) when you submit for step-by-step design review and approval, to ensure that all necessary information is included. The DRC has been discussing with Council is requirements for Town Planning Approval, and it has become necessary to update our Checklists to reflect these requirements. The latest and most significant Checklist amendment calls for the inclusion of a Developed Landscape Plan with your application for Step 2 Design Approval. We have noticed that several Step 2 applications submitted recently to the DRC have not included this landscape plan.

Our aim in the DRC is to approve drawing sets that meet Council requirements as well as the Mullum Creek Guidlelines so they can then be submitted directly to Council for town planning purposes.

Discussions with Council have also caused us to simplify the Mullum Creek fencing requirements. A new document ‘Fencing Requirements’ describes the different fence types which can be approved by the DRC. You’ll find this on the Mullum Creek website (Data Room / Information documents / Fencing Requirements). In an effort to minimise the potential for disagreement between neighbours regarding the construction of their shared fences, we will require and facilitate, where possible, negotiation between adjoining neighbours on the nature and location of privacy screening elements. In the absence of such agreement the DRC can only approve Base post and wire boundary fencing.

If you have any queries about the step-by-step design review process, please feel free to contact us.

Images courtesy of Guild Architects (one of Mullum Creek’s recommended architects)
Stage 1 Site Access Day
For those who could not make it to the first access day, or would like to visit again, Stage 1 of the Mullum Creek estate will be open for access on Saturday 19 March from 12:00 – 5:00pm. The Mathews family and Design Review Committee (DRC) will be there again to assist with queries.

If you would like to attend, please email us at mullumcreek@haarchitecture.com.au with your name, mobile phone number and an estimated time of arrival. Please note that the Stage 1 site entrance is located at the end of Illawong Drive, off Berrima Road. If it rains in the 24 hours leading up to the visit, please be mindful of your choice of shoes, as parts of the site could be muddy.

If you have purchased a lot in Stage 1 and have not had any contact with the DRC to date, we strongly encourage you to visit the site on this day so that you can discuss your future home vision with the Mullum Creek team.
If you have any concerns on the day please call Paul Haar on 0409 011 335.
Community & Events
Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

Date: 16th – 20th March 2016
Location: Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens
For details: Click here
Stage 1 Site Access Day

Date: 19th March 2016, 12:00-5:00pm
Location: 122 Old Warrandyte Road, Donvale (Entry off Illawong Drive)
Manningham Community Market

Date: Fourth Sunday of every month, 8:00am to 1:00pm
Location: The Manningham Club car park, Bulleen (Entry off Thompsons or Bulleen Roads)
For details: Click here

Warm regards,
Mullum Creek Team

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