February Newsletter

Mullum Creek News:

Mullum Creek’s nominated energy assessor

Floyd Energy has been Mullum Creek’s nominated energy assessor and consultant since before the DRC began its work on Mullum Creek, and if you’ve been through or begun the DRC approvals process, you’ll be aware that Alex Rentsch has been responsible for almost all assessments, reports and certificates over the last few years. Alex is a huge asset to Mullum Creek. He has much experience with AccuRate thermal modelling software and with Mullum Creek requirements and processes. He also works for the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) and the Australian Building Sustainability Association (ABSA) as an auditor of other thermal performance assessors. As of the beginning of 2019, Alex is taking over all Mullum Creek home energy assessments as an independent consultant trading as Comfort Zone Energy Ratings. This is with the explicit blessing of Floyd Energy. Note that Alex’s contact details have changed so please update your address books accordingly.

Alex Rentsch
Comfort Zone Energy Ratings
M 0417 159 833
E  alex.rentsch@bigpond.com

Mullum Creek and CERES Fair Wood

We hope that awareness of CERES Fair Wood is growing amongst the Mullum Creek community. Fair Wood was launched in 2017 and the Mullum Creek DRC has terrific confidence in the environmentally responsible sourcing of timber products retailed through Fair Wood. It has also been extremely useful to have a retailer operating locally which stocks only timber products that meet Requirement R30. The DRC’s confidence in Fair Wood is in part due to the fact that Paul Haar and Raphie Kruse have, over the past four years, provided advice and guidance to CERES for this not-for-profit enterprise. Fair Wood’s guiding principles behind sourcing of timber draws heavily upon Mullum Creek’s timber requirements, guides and infosheets as well as ongoing consultation with Raphie and Paul. Their considerable work with Fair Wood has been completely voluntary and neither they or the Mathews family have any financial interest in the venture.

Where the DRC feels it’s useful, it may direct you to Fair Wood as one of the potential timber suppliers for a particular application. For example, page 2 of the Mullum Creek Fencing Guide states that:

Mullum Creek has invited CERES Community Environment Park (a not-for-profit sustainability centre based in East Brunswick) to stock fence timbers through its new social enterprise CERES Fair Wood. You may wish to purchase your boundary fencing timber from Fair Wood (03 9389 0195) or elsewhere. But if purchased elsewhere, it must be sourced to satisfy all five criteria detailed above, and as such is subject to DRC approval by requirement of the Mullum Creek Design Guidelines.

If you have any concerns about the ongoing consultative relationship between members of the DRC and CERES Fair Wood, please feel free to contact the DRC directly, or the Mathews family who is fully supportive of this volunteer work.

Mullum Creek timber requirement and Greenpeace statement

We have had some questions about why Requirement R30 only recognises FSC certification of Australian and New Zealand timbers. In March last year, Greenpeace issued a statement explaining why it has lost confidence in FSC certification of forest management in the developing world. We hope you will read it, as it provides a very clear explanation. It’s important to note that Greenpeace has NOT lost confidence in all FSC certification and remains positive about its effectiveness in Australian and New Zealand forestry. At Mullum Creek we had come to the same conclusions in 2014, hence the re-wording of Requirement R30 in Version 7 of the MCDG.

Read the Greenpeace statement here.