Design and ESD incentives

Environmentally sensitive design (ESD) aims to create site-sensitive and climate-responsive spaces which form a connection with the community and surrounding environment. Practicing ESD ensures that our demand for resources does not exceed the earth’s capacity to produce the materials we rely on. Mullum Creek supports this by encouraging sustainability in design and construction, with incentives to help achieve a comfortable and economical home with a lighter environmental footprint.

The Mathews family is dedicated to supporting ESD across the Mullum Creek estate, and have tried and tested various incentives schemes across the development of the project. The recent incentive scheme was updated on 31 March 2018, and is outlined below.

1. Landscape design incentive
a. Schematic landscape design with Henry Landscape Design                                                                                  $2,500 (exc. GST)

b. Reimbursement for $500 of indigenous plants, bought from nurseries listed in the planting guide             $500 (exc. GST)

2. ESD incentive                                                                                                                                                                 $5,000 (exc. GST)

a. ESD advice

– thermal performance assessment (see guide below)

– analysis of life cycle environmental impacts

b. ESD building inspections