June newsletter

Construction Update

Practical Completion for the Stage One internal subdivision was achieved in the middle of June, hence the actual construction activity for much of June was limited. However, we made very good gains in the administrative path to achieving Statement of Compliance, hence Settlements.

Successful negotiations with Melbourne Water have led to an agreement for the bonding of the remaining Wetland outfall works – Mullum Pty Ltd will provide a bond to guarantee the satisfactory completion of the works, and Melbourne Water will issue their consent to compliance in advance of the works being completed. This means that we have now received consent to compliance from all external authorities, subject to submission of bonds, which will be occurring imminently. The final compliance item to achieve is Manningham City Council’ s consent to compliance.

I can now say, with relative certainty, that I would expect to achieve a Statement of Compliance by the end of the month, hopefully sooner. This would mean that titles would be registered between 2-6 weeks after and – depending on timings at the Titles office – settlements 2 weeks after that.

Thanks for your continued patience, and I will be truly excited to report the achievement of Stage 1 Compliance at the next update.

Richard Stokes,
Verve Projects – Project Manager


DRC News

Mullum Creek Infosheets

The Mullum Creek DRC has recently prepared a new building design infosheet ‘Driveway and Garage Designs for Steep Slopes‘. Over the coming months, more infosheets will be uploaded to the Mullum Creek website under Resources: Building design infosheets, and Landscape design infosheets. These information sheets are free for use and distribution, as they are intended to contribute to the knowledge commons on environmental design, as well as to assist the Mullum Creek community.


Community & Events 

Open House Melbourne

Since 2008, Open House Melbourne has been connecting people with good design and architecture in the city. It invites people to explore outstanding houses, buildings, infrastructure and landscapes that illustrate our rich history, reflect how we live and work, and offer insights into our future city. Open House puts a spotlight on the unique spaces and places that form the foundation of Melbourne.

Date: Thursday 30 July 2016 and Friday 31 July 2016, 10:00am – 4:00pm
Location:  90-130 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000
Held at various locations across Melbourne
For details: Click here

Above: Visit the Dockland’s cross laminated timber (CLT) ‘Library at the Dock’. Library at The Dock is a modern public library and community centre, in a spectacular setting.

Park Orchard Farmers Market

A community organised farmers market run by the Park Orchards Ratepayers Association and Park Orchards Lions Club selling fresh meat, fish, poultry, dairy, fruit, nuts, berries, vegetables, herbs, breads, wines, oils and condiments.

Date: Sunday 17 July, 9:00am to 1:00pm
Location: Park Orchards Primary School. Corner Bowmore Avenue and Park Road, Park Orchards 3114
For details: Click here
Warm regards,
Mullum Creek Team

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