May Newsletter

Construction Update

The end of a rainy May saw the completion of lot seeding, minor pavement and drainage rectifications.

Despite the large rainfall, the entirety of the internal wetland infrastructure was also completed. This marked a significant milestone for Stage 1 of the subdivision and limits our exposure to future rainfall events. The final item left to complete is the drainage outfall (i.e. the installation of the drainage piping to get the treated stormwater from the wetland to the Mullum Mullum Creek). Again the timing for construction of this outfall this is dependent on Melbourne Water’s approval.

Once approval is gained, there is a number of items that will need to be satisfied before construction of this outfall can commence, these being an assessment of the cultural heritage and native vegetation offsets, as well as Council’s final approval. Again, to minimise any further delays that the final outfall solution may cause, negotiations are well underway to allow a Statement of Compliance for Stage 1 of the subdivision, pending the actual outfall construction.

Depending on these negotiations and Melbourne Waters impending advice, we are still aiming to achieve a Statement of Compliance date by the end of June, which will lead to a settlement date in August 2016

Richard Stokes,
Verve Projects – Project Manager


DRC News

Thank you to Ben Callery and the owners of Lot 1 for sharing the thought behind their design:

Lot 1 presents many opportunities and constraints that are often in opposition to each other and so inform the design.

It is the first house a that everyone passes as they enter the Mullum Creek estate. As such it becomes part of the gateway. But this also brings acute privacy issues that need to be addressed.

Being on the road it has fantastic opportunity for passive solar gain to the north (no overshadowing from neighbours), but this coincides with the noise and visual intrusion of passing cars that also needs to be dealt with.

It has many fantastic tall trees, which are amazing to look at and provide shade, but also block out much of the sunlight.

The land falls down to the creek creating lovely cascading views, but also making the site more difficult to deal with in terms of levels.

Our proposal engages with the sun but shelters the occupants from the road.

The plan is conceived as an ‘L-shape’ with a long form stretching along the northern boundary to create quiet indoor/outdoor space visually and acoustically sheltered from the road. The plan has then been tightened up to maximise the floor area to surface area ratio to help with the energy rating and cost per square metre. But the idea of shelter continues past the form of the building with a semi-transparent wall flanking the north side of the open space. This north wall is topped with a ribbon of north-facing highlight windows that allow sun to warm the bedroom wing while not visually engaging with the road.

More layers of highlight windows catch more low north winter sun under the tall trees for the rumpus and living rooms. Meanwhile carefully shaded east, south and west facing highlight windows catch cooling summer breezes and connect visually with the treetops in surrounding reserves at Mullum Creek.

The house is split across 6 floor levels cascading down the site, keeping the occupant engaged with views at ground level and minimising physical disturbance (cutting) of earth on site.

Ideas of transparency and opacity are important throughout. A semi-transparent screen of timber slats on the front facade provides privacy when viewed from outside by passers-by entering and exiting Mullum Creek, and also provides shading from the western sun. But from the moment one enters the entry courtyard, the transparency is evident with views through the house all the way down to the creek. The slats allow occupants to engage with the outside world from within, but provide much needed privacy and solar protection.

Community & Events
Predator-Prey Ecology and Trees

Ecologist Dr Jeff Yugovic will discuss the complex nature of predator-prey ecology in south-east Australia, and how to spot and reverse the associated decline of trees within the Melbourne area.

Date: 01 June 2016, 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Location: Bull and Bush Room – Grand Hotel, 110 Yarra Street, Warrandyte VIC 3113
For details: Click here

Park Orchard Farmers Market

A community organised farmers market run by the Park Orchards Ratepayers Association and Park Orchards Lions Club selling fresh meat, fish, poultry, dairy, fruit, nuts, berries, vegetables, herbs, breads, wines, oils and condiments.

Date: Third Sunday of every month, 9:00am to 1:00pm
Location: Park Orchards Primary School. Corner Bowmore Avenue and Park Road, Park Orchards 3114
For details: Click here

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Mullum Creek Team

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