Virtual estate navigator

Mullum Creek has commissioned its Design Review Committee (DRC) to develop a 3-D model file that allows you to explore the entire Mullum Creek estate – its natural landform, existing trees and roads, prescribed 3D building and vegetation envelopes, and proposed home designs. We invite all website visitors to wander around the Mullum Creek estate on their screen, via a Building Information Modelling (BIMx) viewer which, together with its operating software, is located on an online server.

The 3-D model of the Mullum Creek estate and BIMx viewer file are regularly updated, with new proposed homes included as they are received by the DRC at the commencement of the Step 1 preliminary design review process. This then provides an up-to-date visualisation of how designs on the estate are emerging, well ahead of construction commencing.

Through the BIMx viewer file, lot owners and their designers are able to confirm view lines along streetscapes, into reserves and down to the Mullum Mullum Creek. They are also able to check the overshadowing effects of dwellings and existing trees both within and across lots.


The DRC will not accept enquiries regarding operation of the BIMx viewer file, nor the merit or otherwise of dwelling designs presented in it. Mullum Creek and the DRC also accept no responsibility for the accuracy of civil, architectural or landscape elements, whether existing or proposed, as presented in the BIMx viewer file. It is purely a tool to assist with conceptual visualisation of dwellings proposed for the estate which you may access at your own risk. Some dwelling forms in the BIMx as submitted to the DRC include external colour and texture, whilst others are only in detailed or basic white mass form. In most cases refinements in dwelling design resulting from or subsequent to Step 1 review are not incorporated in the BIMx viewer file.