The materials used in the construction of your home are a vitally important aspect of its environmental performance. Many of the materials conventionally used in house construction have major environmental impacts, and there are often much better options available. The Mullum Creek materials guides list these, giving a range of good products to choose from.

In recent years much of the discourse on sustainable building materials has lacked rigour, and unfortunately some building materials are marketed with a dose of greenwash. Also sales people, particularly those dealing with timber products, are often unclear or deliberately mislead customers on the source of and certifications for their product. This can make the selection of genuinely sustainable materials quite difficult and confusing. The Mullum Creek Design Review Committee has particular expertise in this field, to assist with selection of environmentally and socially responsible building and landscape materials and related products for construction of a home.

Each guide outlines the core principles and selection criteria underlying the suite of products listed by requirement or recommendation for building and landscape construction at Mullum Creek. By reading these guides you will see that these principles and criteria are specific to each of the materials groups that are potentially the most environmentally impacting – timber, steel, clay, cement and concrete products.