Checklists and forms

These checklists and forms are for your interactions with the Design Review Committee (DRC).

Checklists provide a complete list of the documentation and detail to include with each application you submit for Mullum Creek step-by-step design approval. They align with Council’s planning permit requirements, and so help to ensure that Mullum Creek and Council approvals processes are as streamlined as possible.

Incentives forms are for those who take advantage of Mullum Creek’s design and/or ESD incentive packages.  Our design incentive package funds free preliminary design input from a building and/or landscape designer whom you select from a list of professionals recommended by Mullum Creek for their credentials in sustainable design. Our ESD incentive package offers further free expert ESD advice through both design and construction phases of your project.

The Mathews family (the developers) is dedicated to supporting environmentally sensitive design (ESD) across the Mullum Creek estate, and so is offering all lot owners up to $8,000 worth of value within the Design and ESD Incentive Packages. Click here to find out more about these incentives.