December Newsletter


Construction Update

With favourable weather over the past month, the construction team for the Stage 1 civil works have taken full advantage and made great progress.

The kerb for the road has now been fully installed and, together with completion of the road subgrade preparation, this now gives a really good sense of the final layout on site.

Water and gas reticulation has been completed. In order to protect the root systems of a number of well-established trees in Mopoke Lane a couple of sections of this pipework have been bored instead of open-trenched. This was a significant milestone to complete before the Christmas break.

Only a week remains before the civil contractor finishes up for the year, and everything is in place to hit the ground running on their January 11 return.

New Recommended Designers
Mullum Creek is very pleased to introduce lot owners to a number of architects, building designers and landscape designers who have recently joined the list of Mullum Creek recommended design professionals.

We welcome the following design companies to the Mullum Creek project:

Architects and Building Designers

Beaumont Concepts –
Ben Callery –
BP Architects –
Ecoliv Buildings –
EME Design –
F2 Design –
Fairweather Homes –
Guild Architects –
Modus Architects –
Planet Architecture –
Scape Architecture and Urban Design –
Landscape Designers

Sam Cox Landscape –
Click here to find more details on these design companies


On Thursday the 3rd of December, we invited purchasers and designers from the Stage 2 development to visit their home sites and meet with the Mullum Creek team. It was a fantastic time for purchasers to meet their neighbours, appreciate the progress made on site and ask any outstanding questions.

Thank you to Franz Haidlinger, the owner of Lot 29, who has provided the following feedback from this afternoon:

“We recently received an invite to an open day at the Mullum Creek site and eagerly jumped at the opportunity to see what progress had been made since site works resumed in July.

Due to work commitments Sandra and I arrived late in the afternoon and were pleasantly surprised to see quite a number of people still on site. Not only were we able to inspect our own block but were free to wander around the whole site to get a feel for the overall look of the development. We were also able to get some input from members of the Design Review Committee, discuss matters affecting our property and get feedback on the overall development.

As an added bonus, we also met other lot owners with who were able to chat and exchange ideas about plans and vision for sustainable homes in this extraordinary development. Meeting soon to be neighbours and other residents has us looking forward to living in this unique part of Donvale that will, no doubt, have a great sense of community.”

As a result of the day’s success, we will hold another Site Access Afternoon in early 2016 for Stage 1, as well as a series for Stage 2 at a later date.

DRC News

The DRC will be officially closed from the 18th of December 2015 to the 18th of January 2016. We will however still be available via email to answer queries during this time.

Community & Events

Warrandyte Community Carols 2015

Date: 19 December 2015, 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Locations: Stiggants Reserve, Stiggants Road, Warrandyte
For details: Click here

We hope you have had a wonderful 2015 and have an enjoyable holiday period. We look forward to the year ahead at Mullum Creek.

Warm regards,
Mullum Creek Team

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