October/November Newsletter


Construction Update

The approval process of the Stage 2 design is progressing.

Melbourne Water have upgraded the requirements for wetland design since our initial plans were approved, and we have had to redesign the Stage Two wetland to meet these new standards. The new design is close to completion, and we anticipate a timely response from Melbourne Water and Council, both of whom need to approve it, since we’ve been working closely with them on the design process.

Once we have final design approval we will be able to confirm the appointment of a civil engineering contractor to manage the construction of all the Stage Two infrastructure. We are still on track to commence Stage 2 construction early in the New Year. We are hopeful this will allow settlements to occur and titles to be issued in August/September 2017.

If you’ve been to the site recently you will have seen the works being undertaken by Yarra Valley Water close to the creek near the end of Berrima Road. This work is to connect the estates to the south and east of Mullum Creek to the sewer, and Yarra Valley Water will be making good any damage to the works area once they have finished.

We are looking forward to to the commencement of landscaping in Stage One early in the new year, and to the final construction for the Stage One wetland outfall, which is due to take place in January.

Richard Stokes,

Verve Projects – Project Manager

Design review Committee (DRC) News

Now that Stage 1 settlements are largely complete, Stage One Mullum Creek owners are visiting their blocks and advancing their plans. We are excited that the first of these have lodged their plans with Manningham City Council for planning approval. Conversations with the Planning Department indicate that these applications are on track and looking good!

The DRC is looking forward to seeing more terrific designs emerge, and reminds you to keep an eye on the Mullum Creek website where new and updated material and design guides will become available in the coming weeks. 

If you are yet to begin designing a home for your lot, we encourage you to check out the website for a list of our Mullum Creek recommended architects and designers.  You will most likely be eligible to take advantage of the Mullum Creek design incentive packages.

Mullum Creek Christmas Holiday Hours

The DRC will be officially closed from 23rd December 2016 to 23rd January 2017. During this time the DRC review work for step-by-step applications will be suspended. However we expect to be able to respond to more general queries emailed to mullumcreek@haarchitecture.com.au from the 9th of January.

Preliminary Design Review Tips

The DRC’s Step 1 design review looks at how effectively design proposals address the Requirements of the Mullum Creek Design Guidelines. In order to assist designers and owners as they develop and document their designs, the DRC will now also be returning reviewed Preliminary (Step 1) Design documentation with ESD tips and potential design improvements added. These annotations will flag non-compulsory recommendations.

Developed Design Submission Reminder

Please note, for Stage 1 purchasers applying for DRC or Council approval, be sure to include your street address as well as lot number.

Mullum Creek architects win at the Architecture & Design Sustainability Awards 2016

Congratulations to:


EME Design for winning Best Small Commercial Building with ‘Mildura Eco Living Centre’.


Guild Architects for winning best Single Dwelling (Alterations & Additions) with ‘Yarraville Garden House’.


Ben Callery for winning Best Heritage House with ‘Beyond House’.

Community & Events

Park Orchard Farmers Market

A community organised farmers market run by the Park Orchards Ratepayers Association and Park Orchards Lions Club selling fresh meat, fish, poultry, dairy, fruit, nuts, berries, vegetables, herbs, breads, wines, oils and condiments.

Date: Saturday November 19, 9:00am to 1:00pm     

Location: Park Orchards Primary School. Corner Bowmore Avenue and Park Road, Park Orchards 3114

For details: Click here  

Warm regards,
Mullum Creek Team

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