Mullum Creek Design Guidelines

Guidelines are designed to realise the Mullum Creek vision. They apply to the construction of all dwellings on the estate. This ensures that all residents benefit from a sustainable, well-designed built environment that delivers a high level of amenity, aesthetic appeal, comfort and energy efficiency, both in the home and across the estate.

Sustainability is Mullum Creek’s focus. We want to achieve this through excellence in home energy efficiency and solar power, water conservation, sustainable building materials and best-practice construction techniques. Homes and landscapes on all lots will preserve  neighbours’ access to sunlight, safeguarding everyone’s interest in energy-efficient solar design.

The main features of the Guidelines are:

  • 7.5 star energy efficiency ratings for all homes
  • Generation and use of solar power
  • Rainwater tanks for domestic and other uses
  • Building materials and construction techniques that minimise environmental impact
  • Generous building envelopes on each lot to promote the best home location and protect neighbours’ access to sunlight and views
  • Measures to ensure high-quality aesthetic character and appearance across the estate

The Mullum Creek Design Review Committee (DRC), a design panel of architectural, landscape and sustainability experts, will review and advise on all proposed home and landscape designs. Their assistance will be based on core elements of the Guidelines:

  • Objectives – what a Detailed Requirement and Guide are seeking to achieve
  • Detailed Requirements (R) – specific Requirements directed towards achieving the Objective that home designs must comply with unless otherwise approved by the DRC
  • Guides (G) – recommended actions that will serve to further satisfy Objectives
Mullum Creek Design Guidelines
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