March Newsletter


Construction Update
Throughout the month of March much work was done in preparation for achieving practical completion.

Big-ticket items, such as the cartage of excess material from the wetland and spreading of topsoil in nature strips, were completed. Top soiling of the lots has begun and is due for completion any day now. In order to ensure that there is no silt run-off into the Mullum Mullum Creek, hydro-mulching (which is basically a papier-mâché with grass seeds) will be sprayed on steep batters and nature-strips to facilitate fast grass establishment.

As previously explained, laying of the exposed aggregate footpath, whilst delivering a very high-quality and appealing outcome, has made for slow progress. This is due for completion by the first week of April, as is the construction of the remainder of the driveways.

The wetland outfall location is unfortunately still being determined with the authorities, but progress has been made and every endeavour is being made to ensure that any further delays to settlements are kept to a minimum.

We are still targeting a settlement date in June 2016, but due to this wetland outfall issue this is more likely to be realised in July 2016.

We thank you for your continued patience as we near the eagerly anticipated end of stage 1 construction.
Richard Stokes,
Verve Projects – Project Manager

DRC News
To all who attended the previous Stage 1 and 2 site access days, thank you. It has been wonderful meeting the future members of the Mullum Creek community and watching them get to know one another and see how the site is progressing. We look forward to meeting those who have not yet attended soon.

The DRC is now amidst the final stages of editing Version 8 of the Mullum Creek Design Guidelines. We strongly encourage all purchasers and designers to read through this new and final version once it is distributed, as we have made some changes to each section. Although the fundamentals of the Guidelines have not changed, the new version is clearer, easier to work with, has less repetition, and has had some extraneous Requirements removed.

Some minor additions ensure that the Objectives of the original versions are now easier to achieve. When the Guidelines are released, please direct any enquiries regarding them to

Feature Designer: Neil Architecture
Thank you to Daniel Riddell of Neil Architecture who wrote the following passage about their design for Lot 35:

The design of Lot 35 met with many challenges throughout its gestation. A fantastic site, the main obstacle involved maintaining an optimal northern orientation while maximising the panoramic easterly valley views. Not a bad problem to have.

edm 3 neil architecture img 2 edm 3 neil architecture img 1

A balance was struck after a number of iterations through the use of a long, low rectangular volume which sits within the hillside. The long spine runs north to south with utilitarian rooms located on the south and west, and habitable spaces oriented along the north and east.

The house presents as modest in scale from the street, with two contrasting masses, one a solid, rough stone volume, the other, a floating glazed box sitting on a cantilevered concrete plinth with the two masses divided by a wide central spine running the length of the dwelling through which all rooms are accessed.

Living spaces are positioned on the north east of the house, with long north facing high-light windows providing adjustable, diffuse natural light throughout the year. A series of formal outdoor spaces terrace down the hill transitioning into more informal garden spaces

Along the south and the west, thick blockwork walls with carefully positioned, small openings hunker the building into the ground.

A palette of materials comprising light beige blockwork and rough stone walls draws inspiration from the bushland modern architecture of the nearby Heidi Museum of Modern Art. The external materials palette continues indoors creating a unique tactile environment.

Community & Events
Jungle Jam
Come and drum joyous rhythms and sing uplifting chants from South Africa with Valanga and Andrea Khoza presenting their show ‘Out of Africa’. Jungle Jam also features free Circus Play with Circus Oz, Giant Climbing Tower, Australian Animal Zoo, Jungle Costume Making, Cubby Building, Face Painting, Box Maze and Jumping Castle.

Date: 3rd April 2016
Location: Plaza Park, MC Square, 687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster 3108
For details: Click here

Park Orchards Farmers Market
A community organised farmers market run by the Park Orchards Ratepayers Association and Park Orchards Lions Club selling fresh meat, fish, poultry, dairy, fruit, nuts, berries, vegetables, herbs, breads, wines, oils and condiments.

Date: Third Sunday of every month, 9:00am to 1:00pm
Location: Park Orchards Primary School. Corner Bowmore Avenue and Park Road, Park Orchards 3114
For details: Click here

Warm regards,
Mullum Creek Team

There are places you remember. Mullum Creek is a place you’ll never forget.

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