Architects and building designers

Design excellence is key to Mullum Creek’s vision

Paying extra attention to design and sustainability as you plan your home will streamline the approvals process and deliver a beautiful, sustainable and comfortable place to live in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost.

To make the process of building at Mullum Creek as easy as possible, we have located a number of architects and design professionals who share our commitment to sustainability and great architecture. While it is entirely your choice whether or not to engage one of them, we are confident they will give their best to guide and assist you through the design and construction process. Mullum Creek offers incentives to purchasers to undertake preliminary design work with one of these designers. Click here to view the design and ESD incentives package guide.

The professionals on the list are familiar with the estate’s guidelines and the Design Review Committee process, and all have strong backgrounds in designing sustainable, highly liveable homes. Should you choose not to select from our recommended list, we do advise you to engage a skilled, experienced design professional to help you through the process.

The consultants on the list work across a range of architectural styles and project budgets. You will find brief descriptions of their work and the qualities they bring to Mullum Creek below.

You may notice that, from time to time, some architects and building designers have been added or removed from the list of Mullum Creek recommended designers covered by the Building Design Incentive. Where we remove consultants from our list, we do so either at their request (they may be too busy with other work or believe they’re unlikely to gain commissions under the incentive) or because they have received a maximum six commissions under our design incentive programme. We limit the number of commissions available for the services of any one architect or building designer in effort to:
– direct the opportunity for work under incentive as evenly as we can amongst architects and building designers on our list of MC recommended professionals.
– engage in ESD with as broad a circle of interested design professionals as we can.
– maintain diversity in architectural expression across the estate.

Allen Kong Architect

Ande Bunbury Architects

Beaumont Concepts

Ben Callery

Breathe Architecture

BP Architects

Core Collective

DB Architects

Ecoliv Buildings

EME Design

Energy Architecture

F2 Design

Fairweather Homes

Freda Thornton

Gregory Burgess Architects

Guild Architects

MAKE Architects

Marcus O’Reilly Architects

Maxa Design

Modus Architects

Neil Architecture

Planet Architecture

Positive Footprints

Richard Middleton Architects

Scape Architecture

Steffen Welsch Architects

Zen Architects